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Emerald Painters are happy to undertake refurbishments on any type of property, big or small, old or new, residential or commercial.
If you are looking to refurbish an entire property or only one room, we will discuss with you how we can bring it up to date using your own ideas and specifications, and we will give our expert advice and provide further suggestions to enhance the refurbishment.

Perhaps it is your own home or you may own a rental property which needs refurbishment, all sizes and types or property including retail spaces, commercial or industrial properties can be transformed – we can do it all. Any inside or outside area could be changed to feel like new. For example, an inside toilet could be refurbished to include a shower, or a walk in shower could be installed instead. For the outside area an old shed, for example, could be transformed into a spectacular new garden room, with associated groundworks, making a beautiful patio surround too.

We can source all the required building materials together with any extra supplies or goods needed to complete the job, leaving you with a stress free job. Everything we undertake is done with care and precision, leaving a lasting impression, hopefully giving the new refurbished area or space a Wow factor. Using our highly skilled team of experts, with their expert knowledge, all refurbishment works are carried out to the highest standard.

A free full no obligation quote will be provided, detailing any building materials, goods or services needed to complete the refurbishment.

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