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Is your loft sitting there doing nothing but collecting rubbish and dust? It makes sense to utilise this wasted space and create that extra room and this will also add great value to your property. Whether the loft is to be converted into another bedroom, a study area or even a playroom, Emerald Painters can carefully design your loft space to make the most of the available space and it will enhance your home by creating that extra room where there was no living space before.

A staircase will need to be constructed to connect your new room to the rest of the house with minimal impact and this will be constructed to be in keeping with you home.

All types of lofts can be converted into extra living space, providing a spacious, clean area. This valuable asset will in turn add value to your home and create more living space.

These days the majority of lofts are more often than not used for storage of old toys, clothing, furniture, boxes of trinkets, old vases, paintings, suitcases or items no longer required.

Lofts can be converted by creating an upward extension through from any room in your home, to create a larger room or another room in its own right.

Some ideas of what lofts could be converted into include:

  • lounging area
  • bedroom
  • childrens playroom
  • home entertainment room
  • gym
  • a wet room/shower room/bathroom
  • luxury en-suite shower room
  • and the more popular choice these days is a home office

The usual reason to move home is usually just for that extra bedroom, as children grow older. Why not consider a loft conversion, which will give great satisfaction and in the long run save money and stress from having to think about moving home.

Emerald Painters can install a Velux window, and then convert the loft space, this means that the actual roof shape is not affected or extended. This may be a good option when funds are limited, and this will create a light airy space suitable for many uses and the possibilities for using the space is endless.

There are different ways to convert a loft depending on the type of roof on your house, it is possible to extend or alter the roof shape itself, whether it is a traditional, Dormer, Hip or Gable roof or even a flat roof, all types of loft space can be converted to give more floor space and of course, more headroom.

Emerald Painters can also advise on extending bungalows by building up into the roof space, creating an enormous floor space area by adding an extra floor to your home.

Emerald Painters offer a full loft conversion package, from the initial survey of your loft space, through to the design and drawing stage, including any paperwork required for planning or building regulations through to the actual conversion of the loft space.

Anything involved with creating a loft conversion would possibly include the installation and fitting of extra walls, ceilings, windows, doors, lighting, heating, plumbing, ventilation and insulation, structural timbers and joists removed and replaced if required.

We will also undertake plastering, painting and decorating and adding all the finishing touches to your loft conversion. Dormer and Velux windows replaced and installed.

Chimney and chimney breasts removed to create the space and of course, undertake all the roofing work, tiles and slates associated with the loft conversion.

With the professional and comprehensive service offered by Emerald Painters, for a loft conversion, you can have that extra space in your home by having a beautiful, useful and exceptionally spacious loft conversion, on time and on budget. Any property with a loft space can be converted or extended, including flats above commercial properties and even old barns. All buildings requiring a loft conversion in the Christchurch, Bournemouth and Poole area and the surrounding towns and villages of Dorset and Hampshire covered, contact Emerald Painters for a written quotation.

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