Intumescent Coatings

Fire Resistant Paint Surfaces

Emerald Painters are proficient in the application of Intumescent coatings or Intumescent paint, which ensures excellent fire resistant paint surfaces. This type of Intumescent coating is a specially designed paint for steel and cast iron surfaces, ideal for commercial structures or constructions which require protection from the risk of fire.

Intumescent paint materials can also be applied to timber construction surfaces. Intumescent paints ensures a Fire resistant coating for any structures of public buildings, offshore or marine constructions, ships and even aircraft.

Intumescent coatings have excellent safety features as they resists high temperatures and achieve passive fire protection, ensuring fireproofing and fire stopping qualities. It is perfect for large structures as it usually dries in 30 minutes to one hour, ensuring a fast and protective coating very quickly.

Window casings, whether manufactured of timber or other materials can also be coated with intumescent paint to ensure fire protection. Timber substrates or structures which are erected in commercial properties can be coated with either clear or white Intumescent paint coatings, ensuring the safety of people and the property because of the resistant to high temperatures.

A great example is internal Fire Doors which are designed and used for protection. Intumescent paints consist of several components which are a poor conductors of heat, ensuring that any transfer of heat is minimised.

All intumescent coatings are designed to protect from the risk of fire spreading for a designated period of time. If there is any heat exposure intumescents produce a light char which swells with the heat and therefore retards heat transfer. The intumescent coating is a poor conductor of heat and must conform to strict fire testing standards as directed by the European Union EN 13381-8 and must also comply to building regulations.

They can be applied by brush roller or spray, depending on the type of construction and materials used. It can be used to coat bare timber or over existing paintwork and does not need to be shot blast.

Emerald Painters use Thermoguard coatings, paint and varnishes products. The paint is a water based and economical intumescent paint system which expands to create a fire protection barrier, and this in turn insulates timber surfaces from heat and oxygen, providing fire resistance abilities to structural surfaces.

All Intumescent paint coatings are designed to resist fire for a specified amount of time, please ask when enquiring, as Emerald Painters have knowledge and experience in suggesting which coating is required. Thermoguard also has insulation and weather proofing properties.

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